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Water Technologies and Solutions for Industries and Municipalities

We Know Water

Technical Expertise & Project Capabilities

We Know Water

Veolia provides the largest array of technologies and processes for both industrial and municipal clients.

Expertise includes Design-Build project execution, plant operation, mobile water treatment systems, and water treatment chemicals.

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Industrial Water Expertise

Case Studies

Dead Sea Works | Potash Crystallization System Expansion

When the Dead Sea Works (DSW) expansion project was in the design stage, it was clear that it would be a large-scale and complex undertaking.

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Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. | Black Liquor Evaporation & Chloride Removal System

Veolia Water was chosen to replace the existing three evaporator trains that were currently in place at this facility with one very highly-integrated system.

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General Motors Cactus Plant | Water Reuse ZLD System

The General Motors Cactus Plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is an automobile assembly plant situated in an area with limited-capacity deep wells that supply the production facility with process water.

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Shintech, Inc. | Turnkey Salt Purification & Caustic Concentration System

Veolia Water Technologies was selected to provide the salt purification plant and caustic soda evaporation system for Shintech's new Plaquemine facility, supplied in a design-build basis.

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Mepco, LLC - Morgantown, West Virginia

Mepco contracted Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies for the Phase 2 project to design and procure a 4,000 gpm AMD treatment plant at the Shannopin Mine Steele Shaft site.

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ELCOGAS | Veolia IGCC Wastewater ZLD System

The system offers a reliable, robust solution to achieve the objectives of the plant for maximum water reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and use of the best available technology.

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Levure Fleischmann

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. proposed the installation of two (2) ACP-400 Actiflo® packaged clarification units in the existing clarifier

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SAGD Produced Water Treatment System

Veolia was selected to supply the produced water system based on a unique, robust process that met the performance objectives of the central processing facility.

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ThyssenKrupp | Water & Wastewater Treatment for Steelmaking

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to design, build and operate the industrial water supply and wastewater treatment projects for ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel in Calvert, Alabama.

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Municipal Water Expertise

Case Studies

Yucaipa, CA

Kruger's AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ process has increased plant capacity to 8 MGD and demonstrates TIN levels of less than 5 mg/L.

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ZLD Drinking Water Treatment System | Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI)

The first ZLD drinking water treatment plant located in Tracy, California.

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Deux Montagnes - Mobile ACTIFLO® Dredging

In order to avoid sediment transfer from the dredging loca on, the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) had to be limited to avoid the transfer of material. The TSS value to be respected was less than 25 mg/L. The Client needed a temporary water treatment solu on to ensure this limit was respected.

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Desalinated Water for Irrigation

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to engineer a seawater reverse osmosis system for golf course irrigation including a second pass will be able to generate high quality water for the resort.

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City of Buffalo, MN

The City of Buffalo faced challenges such as rising disposal costs, odor issues, and increase in plant capacity while needing to meet EPA 503 Class A standards all in a limited site footprint. Kruger supplied the BioCon® Biosolids Dryer and Energy Recovery System to meet those needs.

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Multi-local presence

New Offering: CeraMem® Ceramic Membrane System

  • Standard Products

    Veolia Laundry Effluent Treatment

    Veolia Water Technologies, with a long history of successful installations in industrial laundries, has developed a system that offers substantial savings in water, power consumption, detergent, and sewer costs.

Video: Interview at IHS CERAWeek 2015 with Veolia Water Technologies

Bruce Bishop, Vice President

Veolia's CeraMem® Ceramic Membrane Technology was selected as an "Energy Innovation Pioneer" at the 34th Annual CERAWeek energy Conference due to successful installations in the oil & gas industry.

Bruce Bishop Interview: CERAWeek 2015