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Water Technologies and Solutions for Industries and Municipalities

We Know Water

10,000 water experts and 350 proprietary technologies make us the world leader in water treatment.

We Know Water

As an experienced design-build company and a specialized provider of technological solutions in water treatment, Veolia combines proven expertise with unsurpassed innovation to offer technological excellence to industrial and municipal clients.

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Service, Value, Responsibility

a new vision for business

Service, Value, Responsibility

Veolia Water Technologies is committed to delivering sustainable solutions and resource recovery based on three key principles:

  • providing clients with outstanding services
  • increasing the value of water and wastewater resources
  • safeguarding the people and the environment
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Examples of our work

SAGD Produced Water Treatment System

Veolia was selected to supply the produced water system based on a unique, robust process that met the performance objectives of the central processing facility.

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PRO-TEC Coating Company | Leipsic, Ohio USA

The goal of the system was to recover the spent caustic degreaser to a specified rate and quality for reuse with a vastly reduced quantity of waste generated from the process.

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Case Study | ELCOGAS IGCC ZLD System

The system offers a reliable, robust solution to achieve the objectives of the plant for maximum water reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and use of the best available technology.

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DenseSludge™ Treatment Plant Enables Recreational Fishing

BAMR's goal was to restore water quality to the main stem of Bennett Branch to a level that would sustain sport fishing between Hollywood and Caledonia, Pennsylvania.

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Desalinated Water for Irrigation

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to engineer a seawater reverse osmosis system for golf course irrigation including a second pass will be able to generate high quality water for the resort.

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Deux Montagnes - Mobile ACTIFLO® Dredging

In order to avoid sediment transfer from the dredging loca on, the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) had to be limited to avoid the transfer of material. The TSS value to be respected was less than 25 mg/L. The Client needed a temporary water treatment solu on to ensure this limit was respected.

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ThyssenKrupp | Water & Wastewater Treatment for Steelmaking

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to design, build and operate the industrial water supply and wastewater treatment projects for ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel in Calvert, Alabama.

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Hovensa | Refinery Wastewater Treatment

This facilty replaced 3 lagoons with aboveground treatment that improves operational flexibility and reuse of the existing facilities.

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Pearl GTL (Shell) | Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Veolia provides sustainable ZLD water management solution to Qatar Petroleum and Shell at Pearl GTL complex

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Multi-local Presence

Produced Water Expertise

See the fabrication, shipment, and the completed HPD® produced water evaporator system that is currently the largest operating evaporation system in Alberta.

SAGD Produced Water Evaporator

Technology Focus

HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization

HPD® evaporation and crystallization from Veolia Water Technologies offers the widest variety of process expertise, industry experience, and largest installation base for industrial applications.